Exercise Fails | Gym & Fitness Fails Compilation

Exercise Fails | Gym & Fitness Fails Compilation

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The repetitive sound on many clips in this video is so annoying 😀

Ernst J. Oud
So what have we learned today? Gym requires an IQ > 40.

Miri Hastenichgesehen
^^ the perpetuum mobile XD 😉🥳🤣

4:01 Not sure if he got that dumb by banging his head on a punching bag, or if he was that dumb to begin with…

Skip to 6:20 for fox sake!

All of these people need to workout their brain out too.

That 🦊 stole a shoe, for fox sakes😂

Kevin Tölke
Why nobody Talks about the Sound that he Cuts in every Clip?????

Comedy Entertainment Channel
its a bad idea going to the Gym High on Crack

Sven Norén
3:12 That got an actual LOL!

7:34 is cute, lol.