Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy

Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy

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Luke Rawlinson
Thank you FailArmy, you never seize to make me burst out, rolling around and crying, yet often left with my jaw dropped. Bravo! Another great year! 🎉

Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth
19:09 that’s what happens when you build with cardboard

2:30 it’s the motorcycle guys fault. He drove over the speed limit. He was too blind to see a car who was driving in the right speed limit drive to the right street. What a dumbass

I really can’t understand what is going on at 8:53

Donut 🍩
Some of these clips are very fucked up

3:44 “you have reached your destination” had me rolling 😂

Clube de Inglês Autodidata (C.I.A.)
10:39 — “NO ONE WAS HARMED”🤣🤣🤣

Hu Tao
10:00 wtf

0:27 — Now THAT is a 100% genuine desperate scream!

At 10:43 is crazy he gets smashed between his car and the truck hard enough to dent the car, cause it to move forward and turn on the hazard lights. He will be lucky to have a full recovery after that…. poor guy, my back hurts just watching that one…