Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy

Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy

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Luke Rawlinson
Thank you FailArmy, you never seize to make me burst out, rolling around and crying, yet often left with my jaw dropped. Bravo! Another great year! 🎉

Brooke S
Is the baby that got ink in her eyes ok? The mom seemed to worry about herself more damn…

Wet Toast
35:44 i chocked on my gum lol

lucas fuscaldi
At 0:45 it occurred in my city. Viçosa-Minas Gerais, Brazil. I was really excited to see this lol

26:25 …russia xD


126 advertisings. That’s so cool. 😕

32:33 — She knew Jesus was there for her!

Trent Engine Fan
7:37 I don’t care what that dog does to you, you don’t EVER kick a dog.

Moon Heroz
3:32 why do some people aiming for the TV screen 😂😂😂

Most of this are from the late 2018 wtf 2022 🤣🙂