Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy

Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy

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Luke Rawlinson
Thank you FailArmy, you never seize to make me burst out, rolling around and crying, yet often left with my jaw dropped. Bravo! Another great year! 🎉

Eric Dall’Olio
Are Americans just not able to stand up and walk in a straight line without falling?

Bob Johnson
If you take out all the clips where the jackass filming can’t keep the camera on the event, you would have a 15 clip compilation.

The windmill that caught on fire, holy that mustve been scary

Ward oo
53:19 Whatever you do, don’t drive into water where you can’t see the bottom.

Alina Rose
why the Yaris’s going wild

I can’t believe how that guy went to kick the dog 7:41😢

Nil le
Please censore it more i have seen a bit of video

Álex Cerro