Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy

Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy

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Luke Rawlinson
Thank you FailArmy, you never seize to make me burst out, rolling around and crying, yet often left with my jaw dropped. Bravo! Another great year! 🎉

nissan 300zxtt
That guy who tried to kick that dog after it pissed on him deserved to get pissed on the scumbag.

I watched it all at .75% speed as I find many move so quickly I can barely see what happened. It is soo much better and most of the time doesn’t feel slowed down at all!

Love that when the dog bowled over the kid, the dog stayed to check and the boy immediately gave pats and love. So instinctual, so sweet.

come on americans.. why don’t you ever help each other, just recording, yelling wtf! etc but never get involve in helping someone in need..

Rhyssa Liekos
@ 0:22 the spirit of Scott Sterling smiled down upon the goalie

Caleb Ozbirn
Love this channel for real

Bruce Rylan
19:26 I knew a drunk who died actually getting hit in the face. He had no drink left so tried to open a keg of beer. The pressure was so high the lock shot under his chin instant death. Yup.

So many people falling on stairs. Non-Skid Tape exists.

7:54 my soul left body

these houses are made of paper right?