Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy

Best Fails Of The Year 2022 | FailArmy

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1hr 14mins of the BEST fails of 2022! Which one is your favorite?

Terry Fraatz
Really enjoyed this, thank you for sharing!

Jay Outdoors
Thumbs down for ads

Bott Man


8 minutes into it and I’m already gasping and laughing…sometimes both at the same time.

Lyle Waller
“Jaden broke”

dude at 10:42 sacrificing his body for his car…

Leds Dance Entertainment
Quality of Failarmy changed over the years (not meaning it in a good way) double videos and allot of videos you guys post lately are just videos from the past reposted sad as you guys where our favorite for a long while

Lyle Waller
“You have reached your destination.”

red guy
I think I crashed my car doing this