Best Worst Gift Ideas! | Fails Of The Week

Best Worst Gift Ideas! | Fails Of The Week

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erik kiewsida
That’s the little Dennis the menace kid!

6:00 WHY would you censor a toddler, FUUUCKING us and a

Gary Braden
I’d like the see the human in the dumpster..laughing at.the racoon is just cruel.

Pratik x

Russell Voeller
Raccoons are robbers

noel hutchins
5:20 Guaranteed to scuttle a boat, reverse top speed; submarine the stern, flood, and sink: why the fuck you would do that on purpose, I don’t know: it’s just the fact that you can, and it will, that you should remember; full-throttle-reverse sinks ships.

Universal studios
Love your videos

noel hutchins
0:22 Physicists can explain why guns aren’t safe even if you’re holding them; guns’re designed to be perfectly-safe when handled and operated professionally, like a scalpel: explaining that a scalpel has a sharper-honed blade-edge than a razor doesn’t give the handler a physicians precaution or skill; guns are produced in every level of force, before you ricochet a Nerf dart into your face, remember the gun is designed for the absolute height of discipline.

Patricio Harms
8:10 why the mother is laughing at that? So cruel…