Best Worst Gift Ideas! | Fails Of The Week

Best Worst Gift Ideas! | Fails Of The Week

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Tawni Schultz
Pro tip, put a slinky on the bird feeder pole 😁

2:44 y’a du Francais dans de l’anglais c’est bizarre mais merci c’est plus facile à comprendre

Sabine S.
the poor racoon, not funny at all

Chuck Draper
6:54 I bet his father is so proud.

Ryan Haydon
2:57 the lady fell twice. This is the best fail of the year for me.

Conrad Spoke
Women on stripper poles is dumb enough, thank you.

4:05 the fall was not scary…that hairy leg close up was more than scary, it was freaky.

Marcelao Grandao
Vídeo gay …. Deslike

Darkheart Rjdyosn
4:10 “so…since ur always drunk… I got u a huge trashcan for x-mas…it will never overflow…oh great ur using it already!”

7:03 I guess he’s not gay AND stupid

Trênt Der Zerstörer
6:51 into video, A Silly, Filthy, Vile, Freaky, Deviant gets just wahts comin’ to IT !! HA-HA !!