Brits Being Idiots – Funny UK Moments and People | FailArmy

Brits Being Idiots – Funny UK Moments and People | FailArmy

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Why all the false laughter?

Ruairi Aherne
5:26 Obvious Irish accents. Therefore not British. Typical Americans who think Ireland is still part of the UK…

Gordon Walsh
Bicycle clips are the most annoying thing in the world, a constant source of hilarity – I wonder are they really worth the small increase in efficiency?

AH! Why is there poop in your mouth
“I need no man.” 5:27

clive ramsbotty
so proud of my people. the best video clip of all time is still that one where a scottish bloke has to tell another scottish bloke that a fence is not an atm

5:57 it is 100% Russia, not UK. In UK people don’t say “отойди, я ёбну его нахуй”😂

gary brockwell
Like the great Yossa gizz a job, yah I can do that??
Giz a job, go on giz a job😵🆘🇬🇧🧐🤪😳😥💸💪🤫👎
As a LONDONER 🇬🇧💯 can’t believe there’s only 8 minutes ✌️❤️🇬🇧🆘
You gotta cry, OOOOPPPPSSS 😁🗣️💪🤣

Ayiana Zanari

As from someone who’s been in the trades for just under a decade that guy @4:32 is hard to watch and listen to. Glad it wasn’t a multi level house. Could have been death

Björn Blümchen
At 6:55 there are two fails in one clip.
1. The car rolls away.
2. Why in all hell would you park in the middle of an intersection?! Thats so… DUMB! 😂😂