DIY Fails | Work & Home Improvement Fails Compilation

DIY Fails | Work & Home Improvement Fails Compilation

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United We fail
The first dude literally said he was not gonna hurt himself WHILE HE WAS HURTING HIMSELF

3:32 women ☕️

Richard C
I remember one of these where someone was having trouble pull starting a chain saw, so he clamped the blade between his legs right up against his junk and pulling the cord. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I never found the second half of that video.

Kevin McKeehan
4:36 definitely what backhoe my city seems to use. as slow as some of the road projects are.


horst herbert
how tf is this legimitate content, when there are clips of nearly life threatening accidents shown, where people almost were severely injured. this doesn’t work with my morals, so i won’t be watching another video of this kind and i hope no one laughs about people in pain

DIY : Daily Idiot Yelps

Sourav Swastik
3:55 is as American as it gets.

Heather Voisin
He is the reason for global warming

ok lets all face it, 2:10 was definitely the guys fault

Jean Tourigny
Can’t fix stupid.