Duck Attacks Chick! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

Duck Attacks Chick! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

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Tom Roach
“Your mama had to be smokin something more than cigarettes when she had you”…Absolutely a classic line!

rip věnec

Vince Polansky
00:01 ken block last seconds…. 😨

Khalid aka KLASH
the last one is the best fail army of the year

Tea Talks
2:11 You will thank me later

6:57 bullshit. no stylist would ever cut hair and let someone walk out looking like that. she did that herself or had some dumb as friend do it just to make a video.

FOGM ♥Factory of Good Mood♥
It is better not to swim with swans when they are in their breeding season😆😅

Luke Herda II
That’s a goose!

DODO1 game

Too much staged crap, too many boring ones of people slipping in snow or falling off bikes, FailArmy used to be the best but its just so weak anymore, not worth your time these days with all these low effort vids.

The captions are annoying. They don’t add anything brah.