When Cats Attack! Fails Of The Week

When Cats Attack! Fails Of The Week

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Kurtis Blow
1:04 Don’t be lazy and always SHOVEL the steps and walk.

I’ll give it a 6/10

Marion Cobretti
That guy with the truck loading the trailer. Lmao. What a dummy

Jonathan West
I was waiting for an F22 to shoot that down at 4:40

Elon Musk is the richest african american in the world.

Christoph Poll
Dunno why, but those people falling on their slippery porches… that aint funny anymore.

Just makes me think: “What the frick do you expect in WINTER!?”

Yrret Noskcaj
7:07 listen to that crowd, hoe many people did she invite?

Isaac Griffin
The guy at 3:00 with the snow under the hood sounds like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys 😂

Also Ronald Regan in the beginning of the clip haha

i was looking at the first one for ages looking for the cat 🙁

Molton Iron

Norbert Gäbler
7:15. White at last.