He Dropped the Ring! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

He Dropped the Ring! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

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Topher Winand
Wow videos that are new and actually funny. NOICE

Dan Hugeis
I’m the fail of the week 😂 lol

Виталий Морозов
Американцы реально строят карточные дома без фундамента, еще и на песке, похоже что им проще за страховку построить новый дом и еще в плюсе оказаться.

Eric J
5:00 Bro literally stand on the back corner! Smh some people have no brains

Jacob Salinas
3:45 and 5:44 are the same porch

“the rice fell out” no they did not, you poured them out onto the table your self lol

Sergio man
5:24 when it’s black, it’s done

CosmicWaffle 26
3:07 Is that Jesse Cox in the background!?

Ho Lee Fok
“don’t be ryan”

Roth McCue
Should call this channel “dealing with gravity”, as 98° of the clips are just that.

Bill Spangler
When will guys learn not to propose to their girlfriends near a body of water?