I Get Knocked Down! Fails Of The Week

I Get Knocked Down! Fails Of The Week

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0:52 this one is scary

0:55 what happend…

Funny Zoo
People are funny, sure, but what about cute cats, dogs, or other wonderful animals? I have it …

Bullet Proof Soul
6:33 I’m not gonna say it

I have only watched 7 seconds of this video, but I’m completely convinced, that you could do an hour long compilation of fails with people in the background saying “I got this on video”.

Bullet Proof Soul
0:53 Esta bien? NO!!

1:02 Cats filling up Christmas trees is probably one of the main problems that cat owners have on holidays. Sometimes it’s not so easy to get along with our four-legged friends, you need to find a special approach to them. Even though we have different views on some things, how not to love these fluffy cuties? After all, they are the main suppliers of comfort in every home. Although, oddly enough, I was very lucky in this regard. I was celebrating the new year at the dacha. There was a beautiful big Christmas tree, all dressed up. In toys and garlands. And there are more than ten cats living there, but they have never tried to jump on the Christmas tree! The maximum that they did was lightly tapping their paws on the Christmas tree toys that were below. I have some cats who are not very interested in the Christmas tree. Therefore, it is quite strange to see that it turns out that most cats can’t stand Christmas trees.😅


4:05 They drive the same way.

2:02 had to rewatch just to see if the girl made it out at first i thought she went with it lol

David Smith
Get baking soda,for a 🔥 distinguish 🤦