I Get Knocked Down! Fails Of The Week

I Get Knocked Down! Fails Of The Week

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Rick Sanchez
What kind of f****** moron tries to roll a camel up in their window? And then has the audacity to have any kind of shock or surprise when it breaks LMFAO what were they expecting their window to be able to do?

Raven Eskridge
funny to see YB in one of these

This is the worst made video yet, did anyone think to check it first? The audio is all over the place, please bring the quality back up

Lateral Twitler
0:12 Absolute fan service

A Newbie
0:49 man, my heartbeat, I thought he’s going to lose his leg

What happened to the audio track going out of sync?

Mathieu Turcotte
1:59 What happen to this person in red????

90s Baby
2:17 = me
2:19 = life

90s Baby
0:47 there’s no way he’s alive

Clifford S
5:04 Girls and thier Candles, they forget Candles have FIRE

0:52 this one is scary