I Get Knocked Down! Fails Of The Week

I Get Knocked Down! Fails Of The Week

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Film Fox
5:20 Ouch 😬

Borja Nogal
0:50 lol el shifer jaja no me lo creo, he is profesional parkour from Spain.

Wayne Incognito
First clip: Nobody cares about the wasted food, but the most important thing is: “I have that on video”.

Pickle Fart
The chick screaming about the napkin on fire and to get baking soda to put it out just about gave me a brain aneurysm

Why would you roll the window up while the camel has its head in the car?!

Alex T
5:10 so they put the wine down and didn’t see the fire?

The cat clawing its owner, girl & gravy then guy slipping in his driveway was the best 3 clip combo ever!

Duarte Martz
2:37 was she trying to close the window with the camel’s head inside of the car? genius deserved it for such wisdom

Stewie Starfinch
“oh, that’s not smart” kills me 🤣🤣


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