Laugh Your Face Off! | Fails Of The Week

Laugh Your Face Off! | Fails Of The Week

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Mr. Loops
wow, that is so funny – chicken in his mouth 🤣

JumpSkeet45 _
How is no one talking about 5:47 when the guy fazed through the net

Why did you thank that that baby that got. Smash by that kid that fell off the couch it funny it is not

Sam Thompson
Watching white people suffer this week is good

Robert Neige
2:32 🤕

CosmicWaffle 26
3:26 geeeez lol

Antonio Silva
turi ip ip ip

Ash Scar
Ohh mioy gawd, that last one was brilliant

Миша Вояж
Ну тупые, Задорнов ©

Roman Gervaise
Seriously, who TF has phone with distorded sound nowadays ? of course the potato ones used for fails and memes compilation