Laugh Your Face Off! | Fails Of The Week

Laugh Your Face Off! | Fails Of The Week

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Jake Potts
Just so you know, the subtitles for the bridge collapsing are about 3 seconds to early. 6:10

Steve Carr
brilliant woman at the end

Big Dave
The lady who throws the child who accidentally rolls on the baby is disgusting. This sums up the intelligence levels of the morons who laugh at the child cruelty which this channel frequently portrays as entertainment. Shame on you all.

that guy
I want to see the. They were all harmed videos 🙂 but that last one was absolutely hilarious. So mean

That last woman pranking her dad 🤣🤣🤣 omg I’m dead

God help us

Maarten De Temmerman
4:40 ic the great emu war is still going on, when will the madness stop

Wow this is the crappies contend for long time. Nothing funny

Jim Brady

Oh, in the last scene, the girl is pregnant! I didn’t understand what was happening, I just saw that a terribly fat woman suddenly started squirming and whimpering. This way the scene makes more sense, although it’s still not funny.

John Alexander
Was the man at 4:50 using a Pool Noodle to chase off the big birds? Emus? Is quite funny lol~!