Most Expensive Fails of 2022 | FailArmy

Most Expensive Fails of 2022 | FailArmy

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The woman break-dancing and knocking over the cardboard sign must have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Damian Zipilivan
I hope your Phone is alive 🤣

Dheijsbekdh Notabotjustlazy
What was the last one? A failed assasination?

Lemme guess: The last drone was Kamikaze?

Davy Verhagen
Kanker reclames nutteloos

7:05 “Yes hi, we’re your movers. We’ll be slightly delayed in getting to your new home, but we’re prepared to offer you a 12% discount.”

Friendly Fire Channel
Nice video, but on my channel videos are better

BulletFroma Thousandmiles
Everyone in that forklift video are probably fired.

Мария Стрельцова
Я многое могу понять, но 8:20 – на кой?

John Alexander
PS … Remote Controlled Airplanes are OK. 🙂

John Alexander
Please don’t include the planes in the videos. I watch Fail Army for much needed laughs & giggles, and there’s nothing funny about seeing a plane flip over or do a crappy water landing. Love the Fail Army Channel!! Please no planes.