Most Expensive Fails of 2022 | FailArmy

Most Expensive Fails of 2022 | FailArmy

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Lonjas Prime
How are some of these “fails”?

That broken sheetrock/drywall was probably one of the LEAST expensive fails of 2022.

Graeme Lastname
The only thing we have an ample supply of, idiots. 🤣 🖖‍ 👌‍

Calling a picture perfect water landing worthy of sully on the hudson has to be the most oxymorononic clip of 2022. I called it! Brrrrap!

Gracie Lee
Kept screaming at that one dude to CLOSE THE FUCKING OVEN DOOR. that’ll put the fucking fire out.

Most of these aren’t that expensive, half of them aren’t even fails.
Many are from previous years. This compilation sucks

the added sound effects are just not necessary :/

How lazy have you gotten these last few years failarmy? 1/3 of these videos has low cost and another 1/3 has no cost at all. Anything to fill up a video huh?

Elysion B
0:12, true quality, made in USA

Objektiv One
Waste of time

Stewart Grindlay
1:12 perfectly executed water landing.