Most Expensive Fails of 2022 | FailArmy

Most Expensive Fails of 2022 | FailArmy

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Ville Hursti
The British Airways fire happened in 2015.

Would you please separate the horizontal videos from the vertical videos? I’m getting tired of skipping the wrong ones and wasting 68% of my screen.

Thank you!

Proper Tea Property
A $20 broken sheet of sheetrock is one of the most expensive fails of 2022?!?! Maybe the year ain’t so bad after all

0:28 wannabe ghost rider

lott nio
Braking a tv is not really most expensive…

Oscar Lund
You missed a video of the US person that got a papercut, the medical bills was expensive as fuck. Laughs in European

Arl Tratlo
the last one, not German window glass!

Oh no, an iPhone got wet. Looks like the Apple Store will have to sell them another one.

Leland Radovanovic
Watching the kid run from dad after he broke the pane of glass like it was his fault is a core memory

very stupid vanilla cones

hey video uploader, do you know what the word expensive means? yes that plastic slide that a grown man tried to slide down, now that is an expensive fail