Mountain Bike Madness! Fails of The Week

Mountain Bike Madness! Fails of The Week

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Tazante Flight
“Themed” failarmy videos are flawed, because you already know whats going to happen…. the same thing as the previous 10 clips….. Please stop making themed videos. They are less funny than a generic failarmy video. The clips have to be totally random, to be shocking.

Bart Simpson
Fkg stupid americans .

Nesrocks Gaming Videos
6:34 in Matthew’s defense I didn’t notice either

Ukrainian Twitter Compilation
4:10 When your dog is a suicide bomber 😀

Ohh estás bien that’s in Guadalajara Mexico I can tell

Bharat BT
I think that fire cracker dog is dead😂🫴

Recipe queen
That baby has salmonella for sure

Dumond Austin
Since when is FailArmy about car crashes that probably left people in the hospital / almost involved deaths, like at 1:08 ?

Keep that stuff off of these compilations, geez.