Mountain Bike Madness! Fails of The Week

Mountain Bike Madness! Fails of The Week

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pattie h

T. Mendous
6:05 The origin of Pink Sauce?

No animals were harmed. Hmmmmm, looked to me like that dog with the firework would have a severe headache at least….

Om nOm
🇵🇸 freedom for Palestine

8min video titled Mountain Bike Madness and literally has 30sec of actual mountain bike fails?

Clone Biker
4:48 thought he was dumb til it stopped. Okay superman damn

2:39 that child is playing in 19 million dollars worth of merchandise.

Woah Black Betty
Dude was a douchebag risking his dogs life with that firework

Creeds Lullaby
4:06 Is The Dog Okay????😮

David Colon
1:03 Are you ok. Yes, I just eat a concrete sandwich 😂😂😂

Maike Kollenrott
The guy in the first clip is driving like he’s voting, obviously.