NASTIEST Fails Of The Week!

NASTIEST Fails Of The Week!

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Mario Obermaier
3:00 Drachenlord cant do any right 😀 Herr Winklaaaaaa machen Sie Fanmanagement !!!

Daniel Birdhead
1:09 I love how no matter how many times we’ve seen people absolutely fucking up while trying to open a bottle of fucking champagne with a fucking knife, we still have complete fucking morons trying it anyway. Fuck, people are fucking DUMB.

Leonardo Solis Munoz
That man is getting a plague from a rat!

3:00 an den deutschen …. falls er/du das sieht. schäm dich! statt zu beleidigen hättest du dich vernünftig äußern können. dann wär ein platz hier im video verdient, aber so … pfui.

3:19 …és ott a magyar bakii! 🙂

Michael Ishida
Thanks Mum…

Nater Salad88
Blur a bottle of wine? This world is so screwed………

Javier Ferreira
What is the problem with people? Why is he keep recording it? There is a mouse in the person’s mouth! This person can be sick or even die!! But let me record it and upload it to the Internet.

Und Morgen geht ne richtig fette Anzeige raus!😂

Paco Peluca
Es curioso, cuando vosotros decis oh my god/gosh nosotros decimos Me cago en dios