Nerf Gun Attack! | Fails Of The Week

Nerf Gun Attack! | Fails Of The Week

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Elisia’s Evolution
4:03 why is the camera there?? why not on the bike handle..

Jeremy Stanzione
So what is exactly so funny about car accidents and people risking severe brain damage from not wearing helmets while doing stupid crap?

Rasho Live
4:00 – The WORST camera placement I’ve ever seen! 🤣🤣

5:55 child looks like Dennis from the Movie Dennis from 1993!

salam 117
These people lives in social media

Julio Rodriguez
You guys are getting boring

Enough kid vids.

Boogie Boogs
I’m happy to see all the caring comments about that raccoon. I also hope the person filming helped the little guy once they got the laughs out of their system.
The raccoon was funny in a cute way…