Nerf Gun Attack! | Fails Of The Week

Nerf Gun Attack! | Fails Of The Week

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Akainu Sakazuki
“Everybody was harmed”

And this is guys 7:16, how I met your mother.

Алексей Пушкин
Ооо нифига себе) 1:45 Невский путепровод, Saint Petersburg ✋👍

Mr Bushi
Weird no one was harmed was missing for these

who can make your hole weak?
how cute is nerf girl❤❤

That last guy who was laughing at an animal struggling, he is not a good person from heart.

Original Title “Best Worst Gift Idea’s” But then Changes it to This One After My Comment…. “Best Worst Gift Idea’s” The video is just a Standard Fails Video, Most of which you probably seen a 100 times over on other channels and even this channel… S.O.B can’t even get the title right….. Couldn’t just call it “Fails Video # “….. Still can’t get it right.

7:21 / 8:00 bro is dancing

Alison P
3:43 is exactly why you don’t take a small dog or puppy into the large dog section of a dog park. We have a dog park at my local county park and I never use it cause the people are all morons, talking and not paying attention to their dogs. There are dog bites there several times a week. So many irresponsible owners 🙄

Being a christian in the rapture: 4:02