Off-Roading Ends Upside Down! Fails Of The Week

Off-Roading Ends Upside Down! Fails Of The Week

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Oh man. That first one is both of the funniest and saddest things I’ve ever seen.

I feel so bad for the poor woman, but the delayed scream combined with him fleeing the scene of the crime actually killed me almost as hard as she is gonna kill him.

I’m calling the first video, or pre video, whatever, STAGED!

Marcus Porter
Anybody know what was going on in the clip that happened after the dude dropped his phone in dog crap?

Brian Holland
That first one was epic

Amazing record
whenever i have a bad day, i tune into your channel and watch your videos to relax. your hilarious content always makes me laugh out loud and forget my woes for a while. thank you for your awesome videos and please keep them coming!😀

Stuart Maskell
That first 1 is sssooooooo staged

Jail cat Jones
Phone lands in dog poo

Borracho Porrero
First one seems staged to me.

Oh man. That first one feels so staged.
1.There’s no canvas tarp (or something) on the floor to protect the floor when painting.
2.Socks on a ladder.
3.The ladder is angled in a way for the woman to easily make a controlled fall directly on to the couch.
4.Why is there even a camera recording?

night runner

0:01 He’s grounded for life