Reasons to Wear a Helmet – Fails of The Week | FailArmy

Reasons to Wear a Helmet – Fails of The Week | FailArmy

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Julian Großhans
2023 and wwe have VVS

Mark Erickson
It feels so good when stop’s.

trump flag = fail

Alejandro Barrera
1:02 Guadalajara también la caga señores. 😀

1:40 You bring your mouth to the food, not the other way around. Too much potential for disaster.

Consuelo Cardozo
Yeah, a helmet comes in handy if you spill cream or drop food.

Shame on you ‘Failarmy’ for including that clip of the dog with the fireworks. Yeah it was a ‘Fail’ but it wasn’t funny in the slightest, and the idiots setting the fireworks off should have made sure their dog was secure indoors before even lighting the fireworks! 🤬

0:01 Well, if that doesn’t sum up Trump in the 2020 election! X-D

5:40 this is worse than Karens, shut up it’s just a ferret

Chris Flayter
They probably gave that mc’chicken to the customer too…lol

I wonder how many dogs have grabbed the wrong kind of firework and had their jaw blown off