Snow in Your Face | Best Ice Fails Caught On Camera

Snow in Your Face | Best Ice Fails Caught On Camera

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Mary Anderson
so it’s official, never will I ever participate in any winter activities except for drinking hot chocolate

Garafim Semaris
3:25 столбики как раз чтоб калечится. Ужасно.

@6:00 he really needed help out of knee-deep water

lott nio
Ouch some homosexual fails ROFLMAO

Watching stupid people in action is always fun but not when they injure innocent people, animals and destroy other people’s property.

Amrit Verma
I’m in da bed all the day with all woollen clothes N some people swimming in snow almost naked

Amrit Verma
3:58 i watched this dozens of time to just make sure is she alright !

Fails Stressed
0:22 OMGG!!

When I hear someone died in a snow mobile accident I have no sympathy for them because they clearly killed themsleves being idiots

‘That’s what you get for not giving us eggs.’

I love your videos