Snow in Your Face | Best Ice Fails Caught On Camera

Snow in Your Face | Best Ice Fails Caught On Camera

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Такое ощущение, что люди не знают, что такое лёд, не понимают его свойств. Один из самых жёстких выпусков, у половины из этих дурачков переломы позвоночника или грыжи

Delta Zero
4:39 laughter of the year

Noah Riley
That laugh at 5:47 tho😂😂😂

Tails the Gamer
3:27 ouch!

John Mintalar
3:02 – that’s some new break dancing right there. lol.

ACE 99
1:15, my favorite. A perfect face plant followed by both skis flying up behind him. 😂❤️

Anyone else saying ouch the whole time knowing their body wouldn’t make it?

Да это нифига не смешно(((. Люди реальные травмы получают…

Major Old Lady aka, Mom
Given the title, why so many clips without snow in the face? 😫

Sarah Barton
Didn’t like seeing them galloping those horses over the snow/ice.

Annie Desrochers
“Yay, the lake/pond is frozen, let’s go skating or doing whatever it is we do on a frozen lake/pond! It doesn’t matter if it looks like the ice is less that half-an-inch thick, frozen if frozen LA LA LA LA I can’t understand you!”

Also, 12:03: Mont Saint-Bruno, really small mountain, but so close to home!