Train Vs Bulldozer! Fails of the Week

Train Vs Bulldozer! Fails of the Week

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сергей скрынников
У чела явно пердак сгорел.

Richard Dunbar
First of all that’s not a bulldozer

Markus Lenzing
Have your priorities right if your buddy falls off the boat 1) check video is running 2) tell him to grab that fish 3) laugh … 4) stop prop

Friendly Fire
“Dont panic brother!,…. I got it all on film” 🤣

that’s not a bulldozer..

1:55, well deerved due to wannabeism, bad riding style, just everything 🙂

Swampy Colorado
The dude slipping out the truck I feel the need to bitchslap him.

“Stop, STOP!” he yells at the fucking train 20 feet from his bulldozer.

That train is a few feet from exploding.

Jordan Kwon
1:10 Seems like the cammer and the birds both don’t know what glass does. Same level of intelligence.

lery 69