Train Vs Bulldozer! Fails of the Week

Train Vs Bulldozer! Fails of the Week

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Rafe Zetter
Why has a woman(man?) that young got as full set of dentures?

Jonah Abenhaim
0:12 why does she have Dentures? We Obviously don’t know why she lost her teeth.

Randy’s Rides
OMG…I wanna slap that person making eggs.

Иван Копин
last video – fkng soft idiots – ours future

Mellow Fellow
4:49 I’m pretty sure that leg is broken

Brendan Credlin
That’s an excavator

De Peltenburg
7:13…..woman….leave , now …like right now!… don’t cry about’m don’t think about m anymore , find a decent man in your life…. Thank me later !

Steve Crabtree
I call train !

This is why we wear helmets 5:40

3:55 Watch the skate come back to the bottom