When Cats Attack! Fails Of The Week

When Cats Attack! Fails Of The Week

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Two cat videos in a video about cats attacking.
And one was attacking a burrito.

Ethan Smith
1:10 I love how she was more concerned about the chili than her SO

Jonathan Charczenko
Well, “people slipping on stairs” has now joined “people falling off hoverboards” as the most boring thing for me to watch.
Probably because there’s literally no variable to it. It’s the same every time. Entirely predictable.
Still great video compilations, I just find those parts dull now.

10 videos and 1:30 seconds before I see a cat attacking.

First one.
How did he manage to attach an engine to a cat?

alan storm
False advertising

Razzle Wolf
I honestly love this time of year just because we get so many videos of people slipping down stairs 😆

Where are the cats? I don’t any clip with cats..

Keith James
# of cat attacks: 2

Sweet Treat12311
@ about 4 minutes… first time I’ve ever seen fisherpersons (over the age of 5,) who did not know how to remove a hook… the little ‘snik!’ as the flesh is ripped away was not pleasant.

Ostego Lectric
Anyone who is anyone who has a cat overlord can relate to that last video.
Ours will meow until he’s offered food, even if he doesn’t like it. If he likes it, he eats it… if not he will give us the stink face for insulting him with offers of “yucky” food.