Wild Wild West! Fails of The Week

Wild Wild West! Fails of The Week

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Real Crazy Fails
1:22 is a fail with a win🤣

I guess by now we have seen about 1 fantastizillion clips of people slipping on their front door steps. Thank you, the problem is understood.

boom 1024
Does 6:30 remind anyone of being drunk at 2 in the morning…

Тупо Наука
“Wild wild west”
Second video from Russia

нахрена показывать видео где рыбу живую режут????

Christopher Erwin
Nice description ( I LOVE DIE HARD)

Sean Olson
2:36 That wasn’t a fail, it was a catch, kill, and release.

pesidas kyth
The question is why did he leave the rice with the laptop outside when it was raining???

I always love the ones where they fall, and then cant help but laugh.

While I enjoy most clips from FailArmy, I really wish you guys would stop sharing videos of animals being killed in supposedly “amusing” ways. This stuff is gross and depressing, and not at all in line with the rest of the clips you guys share.