Wild Wild West! Fails of The Week

Wild Wild West! Fails of The Week

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Lateral Twitler the Literal Twatler
0:02 He prob didn’t want air in the lungs anyway

People slipping on icy ground and steps is just not funny.

Sarah Sohma
0:20 i think the cat did that on purpose. “Daddy, daddy follow me, pet me!” BANG “oops. Pet me?”

It still never occurs to people to put salt on house steps and pathways in winter, does it. We get sod all proper winter weather in the UK any more, and yet we still put salt down. Just in case.

Dann Marceau
“Do it again” @1:14 Lol😆

DODO1 game
0:20 / 1:15

Savage Mister
4:37 what was bleeped? And why didn’t mom care?

Kenneth Albert
6:50 hypochondriac !

Chris B.
How is this Wild West falls when the second video is in Russia and others are clearly from Europe? West is last on the map.

Half the comments are flipping a shit over the kid’s seatbelt… I never wore one as a kid.
People nowadays are so obsessed with safety they forget to enjoy the life they’re trying to preserve.

“Do it again” made me lose it! 3:43 if that is a porch pirate that fell, it’s not a fail and I hope it hurt. The guy that did the air horn at the woman applying eyeliner better watch everything she cooks for him now, hehehe.