Wild Wipeouts On Land! Fails Of The Week

Wild Wipeouts On Land! Fails Of The Week

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Tom Roach
“Your mama had to be smokin something more than cigarettes when she had you”…Absolutely a classic line!

1:25 is that invisible trick wire? 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sarah Barton
3:08 the new Olympic sport vehicle curling .

Hi-E Zero
Elderly people falling is not funny. They can become seriously injured as their bodies are no longer as strong and resilient as they once were. My mother fell just coming out of the grocery store. She blacked out momentarily and went face first into the asphalt.

Geoffrey Piltz
I have seen enough clips of people falling down or up stairs that I find those in this video just padding.

Herman Turnip
@02:21 That wasn’t a failure, that was a near success. Great comp!

T. Kersten
No matter which compilation you´re watching, there are always the nasty falls on staircases. It seems like nobody can pass staircases without getting hurt. maybe the stairs hate us. these clips always hurt watching (and all the falls with landings on the head or neck).

Joey Teter
I can not stop laughing at the kid who screamed “woo-hoo!” right before hitting that damn tree 😂😂😂😂😂

Dan Hugeis
I’m not in a good mood today ☹️ even this can’t make me be happier.

07:16 lamarr wilson

Light Blue Waves
2:11 i would not care if i get fired, i would beat the crap out of that prick