You Can't Park There! Fails Of The Week | FailArmy

You Can't Park There! Fails Of The Week | FailArmy

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Well, those kids are traumatized for life after that Grinch prank. Nice job.

4:43 Whatcha talking about good as new.😅

Jee Main Notes(one shot
4:05 girl mind.

Kevin Guzman
4:06 I’ve seen better acting from that Lisa Ann bathtub scene

Make shorter vids, just keep the best ones

Justin Jess777
@5:17 you need the volume all the way up to hear the fun!!!

The first guy was pissed up. Not really funny given he could have killed somebody

Lester Chaykin
Too many sliders

As I have witnessed I know that I will not have a woman help me move anything lol

The title has barely anything to do with the videos. Just the first one, basically! Still.. I enjoyed them.

Tony Valdez
Ahahaah first one was great:)
1:43 Nice slide:):)Weeee!!!
3:08 Its me or shes brain stopped working on short time,just look and that face:):)
Its like:System restarting… … …