You Wouldn't Believe It! Unexpected Fails Compilation

You Wouldn't Believe It! Unexpected Fails Compilation

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Moderate- Look it up
The car hitting the fence might have been a fail but the guy going over the top of it was an Olympic win.

Can someone please explain what happened at 6:07

Mr polite
I love it when people loose their mobile phones the Bain of society

Vincent tan 🐲
I want to see a collection of funny Indonesian videos

This is more like near death experiences , rather than fails.

Alexis Paterson
5:15 that parent had the right idea. Great skills

Nathan Mcleay
1:50 1:52 What was in the drain that the guy was afraid of

2:35- you picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel.

Emanuel Rosso
1:48 WTF? Is Pennywise down there?

Seb Bastian
I’m more surprised of the parkour skills than what an idiot the drive was 3:57

หัวใจช้าง ElephantHeart
fu*king ninja evades giant bird