You Wouldn't Believe It! Unexpected Fails Compilation

You Wouldn't Believe It! Unexpected Fails Compilation

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beer me
Some people really cheated death.

4:17 HIT by lightning.

everyone talking about the guy who fell three stories and not the guy getting sucked under water 0_0

The Donsz
Ever since the “no one was hurt” disclaimers left, I’m automatically assuming everyone in this video died

Dumond Austin
When the hell did these compilations be more about car crashes and AIRPLANE crashes, than goofy fails?

This is messed up content I didn’t want.

Wheelchair Winkler
Not a single unexpected situation, wow!

Kris A
3:00 Is no fail, if he can swim-dance with a shark: 1). He’s bad-ass and 2). He’s kind. 3). The shark is (probably) happy.

Luke Hamaty
I want to know why that tile was popping up. If I saw that kind of shift in stresses in my house, I would assume that something Very Bad was about to happen.

7:02 “They’re ABOUT TO BOARD! YOU get your CLOTHES ON!!”

不可視 (Fukashi)
“Wait. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.” Right, like the driver would hear them. Not that it matters since the driver obviously has very little control over it.

Airliner crash is not funny or a fail. Little girl on the inflatable isn’t funny either. These are frightening situations. You shouldn’t have included them.

Rather rude to disrupt someone when they are trying to take a photo. Especially rude and not funny to spew a bunch of exhaust at them. That guy in the truck is not cool.

Guy getting puled into a sinkhole is also not funny. Please think about the context of a video before including it.

Duck is just gross. No one wants to see that.

Guy dancing in his boxer briefs is idiotic. Making himself look like a fool.

Christoph Kögl
Well, I think we saw people die in this vid.