The Ultimate Faceplant! Fails Of The Week

The Ultimate Faceplant! Fails Of The Week

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6:54 I dunno, this seems like a Win in the end for me, 😂

Cooper Bentson
5:41 He found that WAY too funny.

Ah mon avis les cons Américains doivent arrêter la Coke et CNN …

David Wieler
28 seconds in. The chick that gets leveled by her dogs. I feel like they edited it right before she booted that dog. She did not sound happy!

2:08 bear under the house, holy toledo, was not expecting that at all!!! Hahahhahaha!

Mike Seier
The parents laugh and think their kid is cute at five to curse like that, And then bitch a few years later that their teenager has a foul mouth?!

Darkheart Rjdyosn
5:42 I’d buy a 1 hr loop of this person’s laugh

Sara Parker
i hate this kind of parents 7:46 . my kid just cursed. isn’t she just the cutest?

Jim Nasium
1:15 Weird… I think I hear the tree singing 🎶”I Got You Babe”!🎶

Beauty Nice
Impressive 😧

Lucy Lucifer
That dog was only being a dog for her to be that pissed off and chase after him knowing she is going to abuse him pisses me off.😡